Installation of hydraulic motors

Initial state

The production of one piece of product was calculated for 12 hours. Occasionally, the product was stacked incorrectly, which was better at the check-out, worse case of a later complaint.


Used technologies

  • Keyence, control points
  • Pictulight
  • LCD, process visualization
  • Atlascopco, hydraulic wipers
  • Siemens, electronics and control system

Higher precision and poka-yoke

Mounting on the mounting bench has accelerated, and human error has been removed. Bench attendants do not require high training requirements. 1 worker packs the entire engine separately.


The right moment in the right place

Tighten the flange in the right order and the correct torque is handled by professional Atlascopco tools that position the tool position and set parameters.


Entering and development

Mounting bench for Danfoss Hydraulic Motors (Považská Bystrica). The high variability of the product (hydraulic motor) prevents full automatic production under real economic conditions. However, we can simplify the assembly process for the operator, make it clearer and accelerate with the help of the preparation (eg, the fitting of the gasket).

The worker receives the engine assembly and then, according to the "recipe", the engine folds under the supervision of the electronic checkpoints. This prevents him from skipping the assembly procedure, (not) using the right tool with the correct settings (eg the specified tightening torque and the tightening procedure on the flanges).