Automated robotic workstation

Initial state

The assembled piece consists of 6 basic parts in three variants. Its composition also lasts for an experienced worker a few minutes.


Technical solution

  • ABB IRB 140, mechanical arms
  • Keyence, control points
  • Festo, pneumatic components
  • Siemens, electronics and control system

Lower personnel costs

To achieve the capacity of the machine, the manufacturer would need 6-10 people. Only 4 hours of shuffling is needed to operate the machine, which consists only in adding vibration trays and removing finished products.


More products in less time

Only 10 seconds is enough for the machine on one product. It generates up to 2700 products for work change and zero error. Products, after being completed, go to a helium test to check for tightness that reveals an inaccurate or defective element. The machine achieves a stable production process (poka-yoke) without the influence of human factor.


Entering and development

Danfoss Danfoss (Danfoss) seamless valve automated workstation (Považská Bystrica). The customer addressed the problem of automated production of newly-developed selenoid valves according to poka-yoke principles, which manufac- ture could not meet for complexity and variability in the long term. The newly developed automaton, the ABB IRB 140's carrying arm, manages to "bundle" the valve from the components placed in the vibratory trays in 10 seconds.