Introducing some of our implementation of complex machines or vending machines that bring their customers the following benefits:

  • Higher productivity
  • Higher accuracy
  • Lower or lower. Zero error
  • Minimize claims and fixes
  • Poka-yoke
  • Removal of physical work
  • Elimination of human factors caused by errors
  • Simpler operating requirements

Robotic workplace II

<a href="/en/produkt/robotic-workplace-ii">Robotic workplace II</a>
Automatic assembly of small components (hydraulic valve) with the ABB Yumi robot. Check selected assembly steps, sort before further processing. Robotic Workplace II - small component assembly with ABB Yumi Robot. show more

Robotic workplace

<a href="/en/produkt/robotic-workplace">Robotic workplace</a>
Higher accuracy - the human factor does not come into contact with the workpiece. Perfect machining for further mounting steps. Robotic workstation - Cutting the copper (CU) tube to the required dimension. Removal after cutting. show more

Balancing equipment

<a href="/en/produkt/balancing-equipment">Balancing equipment</a>
Entering and development In order for the weight on the boot (bench) to fit exactly to one another without scrubbing, it must be perfectly balanced. Entering is quite simple: combine metal castings with spaced plastic rings of different weight to make the total weight... show more

Installation of hydraulic motors

<a href="/en/produkt/installation-of-hydraulic-motors">Installation of hydraulic motors</a>
Entering and development Mounting bench for Danfoss Hydraulic Motors (Považská Bystrica). The high variability of the product (hydraulic motor) prevents full automatic production under real economic conditions. However, we can simplify the assembly process for the operator,... show more

Automated robotic workstation

<a href="/en/produkt/automated-robotic-workstation">Automated robotic workstation</a>
Entering and development Danfoss Danfoss (Danfoss) seamless valve automated workstation (Považská Bystrica). The customer addressed the problem of automated production of newly-developed selenoid valves according to poka-yoke principles, which manufac- ture could not meet for... show more