Balancing equipment

Initial state

Manually folding the assembly included a lot of physical work and the risk of finger injuries.



After installing the device, we have a small space around the workstation. The flow of material from / to the warehouse is smoother, allowing us to manage the impact of larger workloads (up to 150 work-shift kits). It all brings more productivity.


Lower personnel costs

After the installation of the device, the number of attendants decreased to 1, with the weights being handled only minimally, using a crane.


More products in less time

Depending on the length of the assembly (or the number of parts), it takes a 3-5 minute bundle. There was a lot of unnecessary work, shifts and weights in comparison with hand-held folding. It is possible to pick up to 20 sets per hour.


Entering and development

In order for the weight on the boot (bench) to fit exactly to one another without scrubbing, it must be perfectly balanced. Entering is quite simple: combine metal castings with spaced plastic rings of different weight to make the total weight constant. In practice in manual folding, this is a matter of course in tens of minutes and constant over-weighting and searching for suitable metal + plastic combinations.

Our device simplifies and incredibly accelerates the process. The bundling process is performed once, it is not necessary to reload the weight and weigh it.